437% More Power for Your Immune System! Nature's Answer to Today's Health Challenges.

Increases in NK Cell Activity Advances Immune System Function

Increase in Natural Killer Cell Activity

* Test results obtained from two independent NK cell studies. Original testing using 4Life Transfer Factor Classic bovine formula utilized a 4 hour activation time. Secondary blind study test results, conducted by Dr. Anatoli Varobiev, head of Immunology at the Russian Academy of Medical Science, used 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced formula (Transfer Factor E-XF proprietary blend of both cow colestrums and egg yolk sources) and a 48-hour activation time. Comparison of activation times demonstrated that the longer activation time (48 hours) using the 4Life Classic and Advanced Formulas promoted a significantly greater percentage increase of NK cell response. Samples were tested for maximum time of effectiveness.

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4Life Transfer Factor & Transfer Factor Plus Advanced

With 4Life Transfer Factor you are now empowered to help strengthen your family’s immune system and increase cell activity for a balanced immune response.

4Life Transfer Factor & Transfer Factor Plus comes to us after nearly 50 years of clinical research on the science of how advanced life forms (such as human beings) transfer immunity to their offspring.

The secret behind this advanced immunity are transfer factors, a complex collection of molecules found in colostrum (a special kind of nutrient-plus-transfer factor milk produced by mothers between late pregnancy and shortly after childbirth).

What makes the transfer factor in 4Life Transfer Factor, Plus, and Advanced products so important is that the molecules that make up Transfer Factor act as advanced messengers to immune system agents such as NK (natural killer) cells so that they know when to go into action, and when to rest. This advanced cellular behavior strengthens the immune system and increases cell activity for a balanced immune response.

Transfer Factor and Plus products are great for immune system management and will strengthen your immune cell activity.

Through our advanced research, we have identified two ideal sources for our patented Transfer Factor products: cow colostrums and egg yolk. Both sources are compatible with our immune system and are humanely extracted.

4Life Transfer Factor Classic

Features an advanced blend of transfer factors, plus other natural components from cow colostrums.

4Life Transfer Factor Plus

Also features an advanced and proprietary blend of transfer factors, plus other natural components from cow colostrums. However, 4Life Transfer Factor Plus contains Cordyvant, our advanced and proprietary blend of extra-helpful ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, cordyceps, and beta-glucan.

Whether you choose to start with our advanced 4Life Transfer Factor Classic or Plus, you are taking a step towards a stronger immune system. Plus, we also feature other 4Life products backed with advanced scientific research.

At 4TF.com you can now order 4Life Transfer Factor, 4Life Transfer Factor Plus, and many other 4Life products.