ReZoom® (32oz)

ReZoom® (32oz)
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Primary Benefits

Supports stamina and endurance through yerba mate, ginseng, and other natural energy boosters
Aids cardiovascular health through herbs such as hawthorne and yarrow
Restores essential nutrients for people who work out regularly or exercise at high levels A Liquid Tonic Formulated to Increase Energy and Endurance Levels ReZoom supports healthy levels of endurance to both mental and physical stress by directing broad spectrum nutrition to vital tissues. Ideal for people who workout regularly and exercise at high levels, the components of ReZoom replenish nutrients lost during vigorous activity and promote peak performance and condition

What makes this product unique

Herbs such as ginseng and yerba maté, renowned for increasing stamina, are combined with vitamins and minerals to ensure enzyme co-factor support.
Hawthorn and yarrow support cardiac reserve and circulatory tone.
Protection against free radicals is highly supported by additional phytonutrients and vitamins.
ReZoom aids metabolic balance and can be used as part of a weight management program.

bottle contains 32 fl. oz.